Complete Coordination

Nationwide Repossession

PRO Found manages your assets through repossession, vendor management, and more.

Pro found
Asset security

Specialized Coordination

PRO Found is a complete and specialized solution. Once we’ve located your assets, we will coordinate the recovery of your collateral quickly and efficiently with one of our valued repossession agent partners.

  • Involuntary repossession coordination
  • Voluntary repossession coordination
  • Impound repossession and advancement of funds.
  • Access to License Plate Recognition Technology
  • Vendor management
  • Compliance Governance


No matter where you’re located in the United States, we ensure that all repossession activities adhere to local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


We maintain transparent communication with all relevant parties, including the member, creditor, and any legal entities involved. We coordinate the physical repossession of the asset, which involves our carefully vetted repossession agents.



We maintain comprehensive records of all repossession activities, including the condition of the asset, the circumstances surrounding the repossession, and any expenses incurred.

That is fantastic news! Thank you for all your help with this. Looking forward to receiving the paperwork so we can go pick it up.

Again you guys were phenomenal!

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